Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tough Week to be a Newt

It's impossible to muster sympathy for this clown, though as a post on Gawker notes, the pummeling Newt is taking draws one close to feeling bad for the campaign.

This morning Gingrich is in Waterloo, IA, asking supporters to appear in a video on his behalf. According to Gingrich, doing so "would be very helpful 'cause we have to sort of convince the Washington news media that actually the voters will decide when this election is over, not five or six pundits," the Des Moines Register is reporting.

During this appearance, Gingrich claimed President Obama does not understand the Middle East, focusing primarily on Pakistan. "We gave Pakistan $20 billion since 9/11," Gingrich said. "...Shouldn't the president be asking some pretty fundamental questions" about if bin Laden was protected by the Pakistani government? While this would seem a reasonable question it ignores the fact that as of now there is no evidence that top officials of the Pakistani government knew of bin Laden's presence. Additionally, the administration has said it will act to put funding at risk if evidence of government involvement emerges.

Meanwhile, as Gingrich continues to show a myopic disregard for unfolding circumstances, the President was delivering a forceful speech outlining Mideast policy and throwing American support behind the democracy movements in Bahrain, Libya, and Syria as well as other nations in the region. He also called for a two state solution in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, creating a non-militarized Palestinian state along the borders established prior to 1967, according to the New York Times.

The President seems to have mastered opportunistic timing of late, killing bin Laden and then announcing the news in such a way as to drive Donald Trump from the race, and now making a mockery of Newt Gingrich's statements on this administrations Middle East policy.

Well played, Mr. President. Well played.

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